Tuesday, January 10, 2006

For this project I made a hundred postcards that are pre-paid. They have instructions on the back and a different image on the front of each one. I gave them to friends and relations and anyone I thought would reply. It feels quite risky placing your trust and art work in other peoples’ hands, in the hope that they add to the cards enthusiastically. The important elements of this work are interaction, correspondence, collaboration, curiosity and discovery.

Back of one of the postcards, giving instructions.

Postcard that I made before others added to them.

Before and after of a few postcards


After (added to by Sean McSweeney)


After (Added to by John S. Doyle)


After (Added to by Ayse Leflef)

Front and back of a few postcards sent back to me.

Front (added to by Tadhg O' Toole)

Back (added to by Tadhg O' Toole)

Front (added to by Tadhg McSweeney)

Back (added to by Tadhg McSweeney)

Some more returned postcards.

Added to by Terry Erraught

Added to by David Bailey

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